Local Link Schememeet local people here in Bristol

What is Local Link?
Local Link is the opportunity for you to meet local people here in Bristol and visit them in their home. As an international student you may not easily meet local people, but this scheme links you up with friendly hosts who you can get to know and see inside a local home to learn more about the culture and have the opportunity to try typical British food.

Who are the hosts?
Hosts are local families, couples and individuals who support the work of BISC and offer to host you as a student for the duration of your stay in Bristol. Many of the hosts have been involved with the Local Link scheme for many years, and have been checked by BISC as to their suitability.

What does Local Link involve?
This is quite flexible and is determined by you and your host. The main aim is for you to get to know each other and to learn more about English culture. Depending on your host, this may include meals in the host’s home or days out in Bristol and the surrounding area. Many students stay in touch with their hosts even when they have returned home.

How do I get involved?
Fill in the form below or download it here. Please give as much information as possible. Hosting usually starts at the beginning of term in October and runs throughout the year.

What happens next?
After receiving your application we try to link you with a suitable host taking into consideration your course of study and interests that you may have. This process may take some time, so please be patient. We will email you to let you know the name of your host who will then contact you directly to arrange a time to meet with you. If at any time you wish to withdraw from the Local Link scheme, please let the BISC office know as soon as possible. Please always communicate clearly with the host we give you.

Christmas & New Year hosting
It may be possible to arrange for you to visit a host during part of the Christmas holiday. This is likely to be at Christmas (25th December) or at New Year (31st December-1st January) or some date in-between. Please note that we are not able to guarantee you a place even if you have expressed an interest. If we can arrange Christmas hosting it may not be with your usual Local Link host, but with another host in Bristol. Also, it is generally not for accommodation but for a meal/celebration during the day/evening.

Please fill in all parts to this form so that we can match you with a suitable family. We will be in touch soon with details about the person/ people we have linked you with. If you can not see the form below please click on link HERE and open the form in a separate page

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